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CLI tool to quickly extract infos from JSON exports of .inkwidget and .inkanim

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This little tool allows to quickly introspect .inkwidget and corresponding .inkanim exported as JSON from Wolvenkit when modding the game Cyberpunk 2077.

why ?

Browsing in WolvenKit is fine when there's a couple of widgets and interpolators, but it can quickly become tedious or close to impossible when there's hundreds of inkanimInterpolators and deeply-nested inkWidgets.

if you don't believe me, have a look in WolvenKit at base\\gameplay\\gui\\quests\\q001\\q001_mission0_connect_to_girl.inkwidget and base\\gameplay\\gui\\quests\\q001\\q001_mission0_connect_to_girl_animations.inkanim 😉 this is the anim for the biomonitor from the mission "The Rescue" : watch on YouTube.

screenshot: list screenshot: whois screenshot: whereis


install with

cargo install inkanim

available commands:

  • list: quickly introspect and filters by interpolator type or widget indexes path

    inkanim list --help
  • whois: quickly get widget names path from indexes path

    inkanim whois --help
  • whereis: quickly get widget indexes path from names path

    inkanim whereis --help


Quickly try out methods with:

cargo run list --path '' --type progress --widget ./inkwidget_connect_to_girl.json
cargo run whois --path '' --widget ./inkwidget_connect_to_girl.json
cargo run whereis --path "main_canvas.Booting_Info_Critica_Mask_Canvas.Booting_Info_Critical_Canvas.Booting_Screen.BOOTING_PROGRESS_Text" --widget ./inkwidget_connect_to_girl.json


This tool is in its early stage, so please open an issue if you find any bug.

Feel free to come discuss any feature you feel is missing.

Contributions welcomed !


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