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A relay implementation for the Nostr protocol

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This is a nostr relay, written in Rust. It currently supports the entire relay protocol, and has a SQLite persistence layer.

The project master repository is available on sourcehut, and is mirrored on GitHub.

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NIPs with a relay-specific implementation are listed here.

Quick Start

The provided Dockerfile will compile and build the server application. Use a bind mount to store the SQLite database outside of the container image, and map the container's 8080 port to a host port (7000 in the example below).

$ docker build -t nostr-rs-relay .

$ docker run -it -p 7000:8080 \
  --mount src=$(pwd)/data,target=/usr/src/app/db,type=bind nostr-rs-relay

[2021-12-31T19:58:31Z INFO  nostr_rs_relay] listening on:
[2021-12-31T19:58:31Z INFO  nostr_rs_relay::db] opened database "/usr/src/app/db/nostr.db" for writing
[2021-12-31T19:58:31Z INFO  nostr_rs_relay::db] DB version = 2

Use a nostr client such as noscl to publish and query events.

$ noscl publish "hello world"
Sent to 'ws://localhost:8090'.
Seen it on 'ws://localhost:8090'.
$ noscl home
Text Note [81cf...2652] from 296a...9b92 5 seconds ago
  hello world

A pre-built container is also available on DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/r/scsibug/nostr-rs-relay


The sample config.toml file demonstrates the configuration available to the relay. This file is optional, but may be mounted into a docker container like so:

$ docker run -it -p 7000:8080 \
  --mount src=$(pwd)/config.toml,target=/usr/src/app/config.toml,type=bind \
  --mount src=$(pwd)/data,target=/usr/src/app/db,type=bind \

Options include rate-limiting, event size limits, and network address settings.

Reverse Proxy Configuration

For examples of putting the relay behind a reverse proxy (for TLS termination, load balancing, and other features), see Reverse Proxy.

Dev Channel

For development discussions, please feel free to use the sourcehut mailing list. Or, drop by the Nostr Telegram Channel.

To chat about nostr-rs-relay on nostr itself; visit our channel on anigma or another client that supports NIP-28 chats:

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This project is MIT licensed.


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