Cargo Features

nostr = { version = "0.25.0", default-features = false, features = ["std", "alloc", "blocking", "all-nips", "nip03", "nip04", "nip05", "nip06", "nip11", "nip44", "nip46", "nip47"] }
default = all-nips, std

These default features are set whenever nostr is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default

Enables std and rand-std of bitcoin ^0.30, once_cell, std of serde, serde_json, tracing, and url-fork, std of optional base64 and optional bip39, std of negentropy, optional cbc, and optional chacha20

Affects key::vanity, key::FromSkStr, key::FromPkStr, nostr::Result, nostr::git_hash_version, nip04::encrypt, nip06::FromMnemonic.from_mnemonic, nip06::GenerateMnemonic.generate_mnemonic, nip26::sign_delegation, nip26::verify_delegation_signature, nip44::encrypt, util::SECP256K1, nips::nip05, nips::nip11, nips::nip46


Enables no-std of bitcoin ^0.30, alloc of optional base64, alloc of serde, serde_json, and optional cbc


Enables blocking of optional reqwest

Affects nip05::verify_blocking, nip05::get_profile_blocking

all-nips default = nip04, nip05, nip06, nip11, nip46, nip47

Enables nostr-ots

Affects event::Event.ots, partial::MissingPartialEvent.ots

nip04 all-nips nip46? nip47?

Enables aes, base64, and cbc

Affects nips::nip04

nip05 all-nips

Enables reqwest

Affects nips::nip05

nip06 all-nips

Enables bip39

Affects nips::nip06

nip11 all-nips

Enables reqwest

Affects nips::nip11


Enables base64 and chacha20

Affects nips::nip44

nip46 all-nips = nip04

Affects nips::nip46

nip47 all-nips = nip04

Affects nips::nip47