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nite2-sys: NiTE2 Bindings

Rust bindings for NiTE2

The reference vendor files were built with bindgen using this command, with a few additional edits:

bindgen vendor/NiteCAPI.h -o ~src/lib.rs --whitelist-function nite.* --opaque-type Oni.* --whitelist-type Nite.* --whitelist-var NITE_.* -- -x c++ -I../OpenNI2.2/Include

niteInitializeUserTrackerByDevice and niteInitializeHandTrackerByDevice are not compatible with device handles from openni2-sys crate. The openni2-sys crate wraps the OpenNI2 C API, but these functions are designed to accept a pointer to an instance of the Device class from the OpenNI2 C++ API.


NiTE2 usually expects to be dynamically linked, and requires env variables to indicate where the libraries are.

When building on Windows, the build script checks the presence of the env vars NITE2_LIB and NITE2_LIB64 (per the NiTE2forms, it checks NITE2_REDIST and NITE2_REDIST64, which should be the location of libNiTE2.dylib or libNiTE2.so on OSX or Linux.

(A Windows NiTE2 installation should also have the NITE2_REDIST(64) env var set, but it's not the location needed to correctly link.)

Runtime considerations

For OSX, add NITE2_REDIST(64) (the location of libNiTE2.dylib) to your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH env var.

For Linux, add NITE2_REDIST(64) (the location of libNiTE2.so) to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var.

For Windows, add NITE2_REDIST(64) to your PATH.

Otherwise to avoid using shared locations, copy NiTE2.dll, libNiTE2.dylib, or libNiTE2.so to the executable's directory.


These bindings are distributed under the MIT license, which I don't exactly know what it means, but was recommended and idgaf.