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openni2-sys: OpenNI2 Bindings

Rust bindings for OpenNI2.

The reference vendor files were built with bindgen using this command, with a few additional edits:

bindgen vendor/OniCAPI.h -o src/lib.rs --whitelist-function oni.* --whitelist-type Oni.* --whitelist-var ONI_.*


OpenNI2 usually expects to be dynamically linked, and requires env variables to indicate where the libraries are.

When building on Windows, the build script checks the presence of the env vars OPENNI2_LIB and OPENNI2_LIB64 (per the OpenNI2 installation instructions) is the location of OpenNI2.lib on Windows. On other platforms, it checks OPENNI2_REDIST and OPENNI2_REDIST64, which should be the location of libOpenNI2.dylib or libOpenNI2.so on OSX or Linux.

(A Windows OpenNI2 installation should also have the OPENNI2_REDIST(64) env var set, but it's not the location needed to correctly link.)

If your installation names the library something different than openni2, the name passed to the linker (i.e. -lopenni2), can be overriden with the OPENNI2_LIBNAME environment variable:

$ OPENNI2_REDIST64=/lib/libOpenNI2 cargo build
error: linking with `cc` failed: exit code: 1
  = note: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lopeni2
          collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
$ OPENNI2_REDIST64=/lib/libOpenNI2 OPENNI2_LIBNAME=OpenNI2 cargo build
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.96s

Runtime considerations

For OSX, add OPENNI2_REDIST(64) (the location of libOpenNI2.dylib) to your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH env var.

For Linux, add OPENNI2_REDIST(64) (the location of libOpenNI2.so) to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var.

For Windows, add OPENNI2_REDIST(64) to your PATH.

Otherwise to avoid using shared locations, copy OpenNI2.dll, libOpenNI2.dylib, or libOpenNI2.so to the executable's directory.


These bindings are distributed under the MIT license, which I don't exactly know what it means, but was recommended and idgaf.

This repository contains headers for OpenNI2 with a Primsense Ltd. copyright, but they exist for reference and are not part of the compiled crate that's distributed through Crates.io.

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