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🌈 MOTO: A Versatile Automation & Scripting System


:moto is a versatile scripting language and automation tool designed to simplify task automation across various environments and languages. It provides a unified and intuitive syntax for defining tasks, leveraging multiple runtimes, and orchestrating complex workflows.

Key Features

  • Multi-language Support: :moto seamlessly integrates with multiple programming languages, including Dart, Rust, Python, JavaScript, and more. You can write code in your preferred language within a single :moto script.
  • Custom Runtimes: Extend :moto's capabilities by defining custom runtimes for additional languages or execution environments. Specify the necessary setup and execution steps for each language.
  • Task Definition and Execution: Define reusable tasks that encapsulate specific actions or operations. Tasks can be associated with different runtimes and executed seamlessly within the :moto script.
  • Shell Execution: Execute shell commands and scripts using the built-in :shell runtime. Integrate with the underlying operating system for file manipulation, process management, and system operations.
  • Code Generation: Generate code files dynamically using string interpolation and file output redirection. Create source files in different languages based on the script's logic.
  • Text Blocks: Define reusable text blocks that can be referenced and interpolated within tasks or other blocks. Store common code snippets, templates, or static content for easy reuse.


To install :moto, use the following command:

cargo install moto


Here's a brief overview of the :moto language syntax:


let name = "John"
let age = 30
let isMarried = false
let hobbies = ["reading", "coding", "gaming"]


task hello {
    echo "Hello, $ENV{USER}!"


task greetings_from_dart {
    void main() {
        print("Hello from Dart");

task greet_from_rust {
    fn main() {
        println!("Hello from Rust");

Custom Runtimes

runtime csharp {
    let x = 5;
    task run {
        $something = @'[:block]'@
        $something | Out-File -FilePath "./_.cs" -Encoding UTF8
        csc "./_.cs" 


block story {
    Once upon a time, there was a small village.

task read_story {
    echo [:story]


Contributions to :moto are welcome! If you encounter any issues, have suggestions for improvements, or would like to contribute new features, please open an issue or submit a pull request on the GitHub repository.

Feel free to explore the power and versatility of :moto in your automation and scripting tasks. Happy automating! 🚀


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