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Download binaries if you are using Windows, macOS or Linux.

You can install tend using snap:

sudo snap install tend

Or with winget:

winget install lubomirkurcak.tend

Or using cargo:

cargo install tend

Or build from source:

git clone https://github.com/lubomirkurcak/tend
cd tend
cargo build --release



Create a new job called hello:

tend create hello ping

Run hello:

tend run hello

Press Ctrl-C to cancel all jobs and exit the program.


List jobs:

tend list

Reconfigure hello to always restart on completion (even successful):

tend create --overwrite hello --restart=always ping

Available Programs

Based on your platform and configuration you will have access to different programs and shells. Make sure the programs are accessible from your current working directory.

For example, you could write this on Linux:

tend create "time" sh -- -c 'echo Time: $(date)'

to achieve something similar as this on Windows:

tend create "time" cmd -- /C 'echo Time: %TIME%'


Create a job as a part of a group:

tend create "postgres" --group="dev" kubectl port-forward svc/postgres 5432:5432

Start all jobs from a specific group:

tend run --group "dev"


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