2 unstable releases

Uses old Rust 2015

0.2.0 Aug 11, 2021
0.1.0 Jun 17, 2021
0.0.1 Jun 17, 2021

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This software is still experimental. We (MOSEK) may fix errors and bugs, but provide no guarantee on how or how quickly we do so.

Mosek 9.3 Rust interface

The package should work on

  • Linux x86_64
  • Linux aarch64 (RaspberryPi 4)
  • Windows x86_64
  • Mac OSX x86_64

API reference is included under doc/ and is fairly complete, but currently contains a lot of dead links.

Building the API requires the MOSEK library. The exact version is specified in ./MOSEKVERSION

  • If the environment variable MOSEK_BINDIR_XY (where X and Y are the MOSEK major an minor versions) is defined it is expected to point the the directory containing the MOSEK binaries,
  • otherwise if the environment variable MOSEK_INST_BASE, the build script will look for mosek $MOSEK_INST_BASE/mosek,
  • otherwise the build script will look for MOSEK in $HOME/mosek.

For example

export MOSEK_INST_BASE=$HOME/local
cargo build


export MOSEK_BINDIR_93=$HOME/local/mosek/9.3/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin
cargo build


Examples are located under examples/

To compile examples, run

cargo build --examples