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An uncomplicated file monitoring tool. It runs a program then watches the files you specify for changes, restarting the program if the files change. You can also manually restart the program. If you need more power I suggest Watchman.


Install the command line tool with:

cargo install monzilla_rs

Then you can run it with something like the following:

monzilla -g 'scratch/*.fish' 'scratch/xyz.json5' -- scratch/forever.fish

Any time the files change the program will be killed and restarted.

Points of Interest

This tool shows how to do a variety of advanced things in Rust:

  • How to use termios to capture CTRL+C and CTRL+R from the terminal
  • Using crossbeam and select to wait on multiple channels
  • How to use the notify to watch for file changes with with debouncing of multiple changes at once.
  • Using command-group to group child processes so you can terminate the entire tree not just the immediate child process.

Plus, all the good stuff found in my rust_cli_quickstart.


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