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An extra useful set of Git related commands

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Git Extra Commands

An extra useful set of Git related commands. Requires that you have Git installed. Run git-extra to see the full list.

Command Description
browse Browse to the site hosting the origin for the current repo. Uses git remotes -vv to determine the correct site to open. Currently supports Git, GitLab, BitBucket or a self hosted Gitea site.
quick-start Quickly start a new project by git clone and then running a customize script on the cloned repo (see below)


The current release is only tested on macOS. In v2 the name of the executable has been changed to git-extra from git_extra so that the git command sees it as a new extra command.

Download and install with:

cargo install git_extra

Git Configuration

Because the tool is name git-extra if it's in your path it will show up as a new git command, e.g. you can type git extra --help.

You can configure additioal shortcuts in your .gitconfig configuration by running git config --global --edit and adding:

brw = !git-extra browse
qst = !git-extra quick-start

This will allow you to type git brw or git qst as a shortcut.

Quick Start

The quick-start command does just two things:

  1. Clones a repo from a URL into a new directory
  2. Runs a customization script

You can specify the URL, e.g. https, ssh: or file:, new directory and customization script on the command line OR, more usefully, use a shortcut name from a local repos.tomol file. To do this, create a ~/.config/git_extra/repos.toml file, then add all your favorite repo's URL's and descriptions in it. The file format is as follows:

description = "My favorite Rust CLI quickstart repo"
origin = "git@github.com:jlyonsmith/rust-cli-quickstart.git"
customizer = "customize.ts"

The TOML table name is the short name for the entry, i.e. rust-cli in this case. The other fields are:

Name Default Description
description Empty A description for the entry
origin Required The origin URL of the repo
customizer customize The customization script to run in the root of the cloned project

The customization script can be written in any scripting language. The file just needs to be marked as executable, e.g. with chmod u+x. You can also include a #! at the start of the script.

BE CAREFUL! There are no checks done on the script before running it, so don't quick-start from any repo that you haven't carefully examined first.

You can list all your saved repos with git_extra quick-start --list.

To Do

  • Add pull-request command that creates a pull request from origin to upstream
  • Add fork command that will fork an upstream and add an origin from the command line
  • Add set-config command that updates local config based on a cloud based config


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