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Create and manage devcontainer configuration.


The preferred method is to use cargo binstall.

$ cargo binstall tyedev

Alternatively, download the appropiate release asset. Then extract and copy as needed.

$ shasum --check tyedev-*.sha256
$ tar -xzf tyedev-*.tar.gz
$ cp tyedev-*/tyedev ~/.local/bin

The last method is to use the Github CLI with the redraw/gh-install extension.

$ gh ext install redraw/gh-install
$ gh install CodeMan99/tyedev


Use --help to see help on input flags.

$ tyedev --help
Create and manage devcontainer configuration

Usage: tyedev [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

  completions  Generate shell auto-complete configuration
  init         Create new devcontainer
  inspect      Display details of a specific feature, template, or collection
  list         Overview of collections
  search       Text search the `id`, `keywords`, and `description` fields of templates or features
  help         Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -p, --pull-index  Pull the index of features & templates
  -v, --verbose...  More output per occurrence
  -q, --quiet...    Less output per occurrence
  -h, --help        Print help
  -V, --version     Print version

All of the commands depend on a local copy of the generated collection index.

$ tyedev --pull-index --verbose
[2023-11-23T15:28:33.056Z INFO  tyedev] Saved to /home/vscode/.local/share/tyedev/devcontainer-index.json


The tyedev application is organized into sub-commands.

tyedev init

Use to start a new project. Provide no arguments for the default interactive experience.

$ tyedev init --help
Create new devcontainer

Usage: tyedev init [OPTIONS]

  -z, --non-interactive               Avoid interactive prompts
  -s, --attempt-single-file           Write to ".devcontainer.json" when using an `image` type template
  -v, --verbose...                    More output per occurrence
  -q, --quiet...                      Less output per occurrence
  -r, --remove-comments               Strip comments from the generated devcontainer.json
  -t, --template-id <OCI_REF>         Reference to a Template in a supported OCI registry
  -f, --include-features <OCI_REF>    Add the given features, may specify more than once
      --include-deprecated            Include deprecated results when searching
  -w, --workspace-folder <DIRECTORY>  Target workspace for the devcontainer configuration
  -h, --help                          Print help

Note that --remove-comments is not yet actually supported. A better jsonc library would be helpful. May need to write my own.

tyedev inspect

Describe all details of a specific template or feature. Use as an aid when editing an existing devcontainer.json.

$ tyedev inspect --help
Display details of a specific feature, template, or collection

Usage: tyedev inspect [OPTIONS] <OCI_REF>

  <OCI_REF>  The `id` to inspect

  -d, --display-as <FORMAT>  Format for displaying the configuration [default: table] [possible values:
                             table, json, none]
      --install-sh           Read the `install.sh` script of a given feature
  -v, --verbose...           More output per occurrence
  -q, --quiet...             Less output per occurrence
      --show-files           List the filenames of a given feature or template
  -h, --help                 Print help

The --show-files option exists to assist authors with debugging a missing file problem.

The --install-sh option exists for debugging container creation failures.

tyedev list

List collections overview. Akin to containers.dev/collections.

$ tyedev list --help
Overview of collections

Usage: tyedev list [OPTIONS]

  -C, --collection-id <OCI_REF>  Display a given collection, including features and templates
  -v, --verbose...               More output per occurrence
  -q, --quiet...                 Less output per occurrence
  -h, --help                     Print help

With --collection-id option display all features or templates for the given collection.

$ tyedev list -q -C ghcr.io/codeman99/features
Name:          Features by CodeMan99
Maintainer:    Cody Taylor
Contact:       https://github.com/CodeMan99/features/issues
Repository:    https://github.com/CodeMan99/features
OCI Reference: ghcr.io/codeman99/features
   │ Type    │ OCI Reference  │ Name         │ Description                                               │
 1 │ feature │ ~/circleci-cli │ CircleCI CLI │ Install the CircleCI CLI. Also installs the CircleCI ext+ │
 2 │ feature │ ~/exercism-cli │ Exercism CLI │ Install the exercism-cli.                                 │

Find a template or feature.

$ tyedev search --help
Text search the `id`, `keywords`, and `description` fields of templates or features

Usage: tyedev search [OPTIONS] <VALUE>

  <VALUE>  The keyword(s) to match

  -c, --collection <COLLECTION>  Match which section of the index [default: templates] [possible values:
                                 templates, features]
  -d, --display-as <FORMAT>      Format for displaying the results [default: table] [possible values:
                                 table, json]
  -v, --verbose...               More output per occurrence
  -f, --fields <FIELD>           Match only within the given fields [possible values: id, name,
                                 description, keywords]
  -q, --quiet...                 Less output per occurrence
      --include-deprecated       Display deprecated results
  -h, --help                     Print help

Example: Find a feature with circleci-cli in the id field only, and output as json.

$ tyedev search --quiet -d json -f id -c features circleci-cli | jq '.[1]'
  "collection": "Features",
  "id": "ghcr.io/codeman99/features/circleci-cli",
  "version": "1.2.0",
  "name": "CircleCI CLI",
  "description": "Install the CircleCI CLI. Also installs the CircleCI extension for vscode.",
  "keywords": null


This project avoids interop with docker or any editor. Please see the related tools list to accomplish runtime needs.

Work in Progress

This project is absolutely a work in progress. Bugs do exist. More documentation needs to be written. More tests need to be written. General design patterns need to be reviewed.


How to help!

  • 🔧 Just use the tool. 🗣️ Feedback is appreciated.
  • 🐛 Report bugs.
  • 📖 Improve documentation.
  • 💻 Contribute code directly.


For code contributions please use the devcontainer for this project.

There are some permissions errors that need to be sorted out for /usr/local/cargo. Upstream issues have already been filed. For now just correct this manually.

$ sudo chmod -R g+w $CARGO_HOME

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