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MDanceIO is a MMD(MikuMikuDance) compatible implementation targeting at browser through wasm

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0.1.2 Nov 7, 2022
0.1.0 Aug 30, 2022

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mdanceio is a cross-platform MMD(MikuMikuDance) compatible implementation. It targets at browser though WebGPU on wasm. Rewrite nanoem in Rust.

This project is still in initial development phase.


I built this project mainly to learn Rust and WebGPU. I hope to provide a MikuMikuDance implementation in the browser, as well as via cloud rendering and on AR/VR in the future.

mdanceio works as a crate that provides MMD rendering service on a specific Surface, TextureView or Canvas. Or it can directly return a BytesArray.

There is another project build on mdanceio which provides basic MMD remote rendering service via WebRTC.

Getting Started

How can I get supported Models and Motions

You can fetch models and motions from 模之屋(PlayBox), a community sharing character models.

The project build is likely buggy and unfinished. You can try the following model and motion which is tested and welling working to get started.

The demo GIFs in this README use the above model and motion.


The example will play a model with specific motion in a native window.

cargo run --package mdanceio --example winit_app -- --model <Model Path> --motion <Motion Path>

You can build as an executable as well.

cargo build --package mdanceio --example winit_app --release

You can also fetch the executable in Actions.

WebGPU Demo

You can visit the demo here(requires Chrome Canary with #enable-unsafe-webgpu enabled).

WebGL Demo

You can visit the demo using WebGL.


Install wasm-pack, a rust -> wasm workflow tool.

You need nodejs to serve the demo.

You also need Google Chrome Canary that supports WebGPU, and enable the feature flag #enable-unsafe-webgpu.

Build wasm package

wasm-pack build mdanceio --out-dir ../target/pkg

Build requires environment variable: RUSTFLAGS=--cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis

Run Web Demo

cd mdance-demo
npm install
npm run start

You can also fetch prebuilt web bundle in Actions.

Remote Rendering

I have a demo project about how to use mdanceio as a rendering service here.

The service uses WebRTC to communicate with the browser.

You can follow its guidance to play with it.

Target Platform Support

Platform Support
Linux 🆗
MacOS 🆗
Browser(WebGL) 🆗
Android 🛠️
OpenXR 🛠️

✅ = First Class Support 🆗 = Best Effort Support 🛠️ = Unsupported, but planned

File Format Support

Model Format

Format Support

Motion Format

Format Support

Future Plan

  • The core functionality has not yet completed. We will cover all MikuMikuDance features in the future.
  • I'm interested in supporting mdanceio in an AR/VR environment. We will extract SDK for AR usage and provide a demo.
  • Provide an architecture that supports cloud rendering will.
  • Provide support for MME or similar technologies.


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