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Library for writing Luthien plugins in Rust

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0.1.0 May 18, 2021

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Luthien Plugins in Rust

This is a library for writing Luthien plugins in Rust.


Add the library to your Cargo.toml:

luthien = "0.1"

You can view the documentation here on docs.rs.

Feature Flags

luthien-plugin has two feature flags:

  • io: Read and write to the I/O pipe.
  • palette: Deserialize input colors to palette::Srgb for adjustments/space transformation.

By default, io is enabled and palette is disabled.


Luthien Plugins in Rust

luthien-plugin is a Rust library for writing Luthien plugins in Rust. It is not to be confused with luthien itself.

Input Deserialization

luthien-plugin provides plugin input data structures which can be deserialized with Serde, as well as a utility function to get the input from stdin.

Luthien IO

Luthien provides a named pipe which copies to and from its stdout and stdin respectively. luthien-plugin can automatically get this pipe for you.


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