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Luthien plugin which renders Handlebars templates

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0.1.0 May 18, 2021

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Luthien Templates

luthien-templates renders user-defined Handlebars templates with Luthien theme data.


Install using Cargo from Crates.io:

cargo install luthien-templates


Add a plugin to your Luthien config:

executable = "~/.cargo/bin/luthien-templates"

Writing Templates

Mustach templates in the plugin's config directory (should be something like ~/.config/luthien/plugins/templates) will be rendered using the theme data.

Template Data

The data accessible to the template looks like this (in some TypeScript-like pseudocode):

type Color = {
  hex: string;
  hex_stripped: string;
  red: number;
  green: number;
  blue: number;

// The RGB channels are sRGB floating-point values from 0 to 1

type Data = {
  wallpaper: string;
  colors: {
    palette: {
      black: Color;
      red: Color;
      green: Color;
      yellow: Color;
      blue: Color;
      purple: Color;
      cyan: Color;
      white: Color;
    accents: Color[];
    foreground: Color;
    background: Color;

colors.accents is a list of accent colors in descending order of importance, so low-indexed colors should be used more often. There should be at least 6 accents.


The rendered template is then copied into a file in the output directory (should be something like ~/.local/share/luthien/outputs/plugins/templates on Unix-like systems).


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