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Luthien plugin which applies colors to terminals

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0.1.0 May 18, 2021

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Luthien Terminal

luthien-terminal automatically sets the color schemes of open terminals from the Luthien theme. It also outputs a list of control sequences which can be used to set the colors of new terminals as well.

Unfortunately, luthien-terminal only works on Unix-like systems.


Install using Cargo from Crates.io:

cargo install luthien-terminal


Add a plugin to your Luthien config:

executable = "~/.cargo/bin/luthien-terminal"


Now when you run Luthien, the colorschemes of open terminals will be set automatically. However, if you open a new terminal, it won't have the correct colorscheme. This can be remedied by sending the correct control sequences to the terminal when it's opened.

Add the following to your ~/.bashrc or similar:

cat ~/.local/share/luthien/outputs/plugins/terminal/sequences


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