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Catppuccin for Rust


Add Catppuccin to your project's Cargo.toml:

$ cargo add catppuccin


use catppuccin::Flavour;

struct Button {
    text: String,
    background_colour: String,

fn confirm(text: String) -> Button {
    Button {
        background_colour: Flavour::Mocha.green().hex(),

More examples can be found here.

Clone the repository to run them locally:

$ cargo run --example simple

Output from simple example

$ cargo run --features ansi --example term

Output from term example

Optional Features

ANSI string painting

Enable the ansi feature to add the Colour::ansi_paint method. This adds ansi-term as a dependency.

CSS colours

Enable the css feature to allow the conversion of Catppuccin colours to css_colors::RGB. This adds css-colors as a dependency.

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