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look at the mess that are your LOC

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Do you ever wonder about the distribution of LOC lengths in your source files ?

No ?

I do so I made LocMess.


As an answer may bring another question, locmess tries to answer it too:


and if you have yet another question, it's probably for git blame.

The source code of LocMess, which is totally not messy, may serve as a reasonnable basis for many kinds of transplatformy CLI applications. It's small so there's not much to remove to get to the pure boilerplate.


With cargo

You'll need the rust toolchain, which you may find at https://rustup.rs

Then do

cargo install locmess

From precompiled binaries

You'll find them in https://dystroy.org/locmess/download


To compute LOC stats on all not gitignored files in the current directory, do


You may also pass a path as argument.

Other options are explained with locmess --help.


~361K SLoC