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bacon is a background rust code checker.

It's designed for minimal interaction so that you can just let it running, side to your editor, and be notified of warnings and errors in your Rust code.



cargo install bacon


You launch bacon in a terminal you keep visible.

check the current project


check another project

bacon --path ../broot


bacon ../broot

run clippy instead of cargo check

bacon --job clippy


bacon clippy

run tests

bacon test

bacon test

define your own jobs

First create a bacon.toml file by running

bacon --init

This file already contains some standard jobs. Add your own, for example

command = ["cargo", "check", "--target", "x86_64-pc-windows-gnu", "--color", "always"]

Don't forget the --color always part: bacon uses style information to recognize warnings and errors.

and run

bacon check-win


What does it exactly do ?

It watches the content of your source directories and launches cargo check or other commands on changes.

Watching and computations are done on background threads to prevent any blocking.

The screen isn't cleaned until the compilation is finished to prevent useful information from being replaced by the lines of an unfinished computation.

Errors are displayed before warnings because you usually want to fix them first.

Rendering is adapted to the dimensions of the terminal to ensure you get a proper usable report. And bacon manages rewrapping on resize.

Can I run several bacon in parallel ?

It's perfectly OK and can be useful to check several compilation targets.

Similarly you don't have to stop bacon when you want to use cargo to build the application.

What are the supported platforms ?

It works on all decent terminals on Linux, Max OSX and Windows.

Are there settings ?

Yes, they let you enable vim-like key bindings, or always start in summary mode or with lines wrapped.

To create a default preferences file, use bacon --prefs.


$EDITOR $(bacon --prefs)

Why "bacon" ?

  • It's a background conpiler.
  • It comes from France and, as you know, France is bacon.


Bacon is licenced under AGPL-3.0.

The logo is designed by Peter Varo and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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