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A Linear command line client

Working with issues

Add an organization and token. Your token can be generated in Linear Settings

lnr org add

Create a new issue

lnr issue create

View issue (linked to current branch)

lnr issue view

Edit issue (linked to current branch)

lnr issue edit

Working with templates

Create a series of tickets from a TOML file

Input file (uses handlebars-style variables)

# build_batcave.toml
name = "Alfred"

title = "This is a parent issue"
description = """
We need to create a batcave

Make sure to coordinate with {{name}}

See child tickets

title = "This is a child issue for {{name}} to complete"
description = """
Figure out where to put the batcave

 - Some place dark and dingy
 - Make sure to coordinate with {{name}}

title = "This is a second child issue that will be linked to the parent issue"
description = """
Make sure that we have enough bats

### Acceptance Criteria

- [ ] They can't bite too much
- [ ] At least a dozen
- [ ] Don't overdo it this time


lnr template evaluate --path ~/Documents/build_batcave.toml

Create a series of tickets from all TOML files in a directory

When passed a directory, Linear Templater will recursively walk through the directory and all sub-directories and create tickets from all the TOML files that are not Cargo.toml.


# Create tickets from all TOML files in the current directory
lnr template evaluate --path .


Crates.io (Linux, Mac, and Windows)

Install Rust

# Linux and MacOS
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

Install lnr

cargo install lnr

AUR (Arch-based Linux)

# Use yay or another AUR helper
yay lnr-bin

GitHub (Linux, Mac, and Windows)

Install Rust

Clone the project

git clone git@github.com:alanvardy/lnr.git
cd tod
./test.sh # run the tests
cargo build --release

You can then find the binary in /target/release/


Contributions are welcome, be sure to open up an issue first!


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