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An application of terminal write leetcode.一个终端刷力扣的应用

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Brush leetcode under the terminal


  • Open the editor of your choice for editing.
  • Filter based on the category of the question.
  • Perform a fuzzy search.
  • Test and submit the code.
  • Modify the test case.
  • Automatically get cookies to eliminate the need for manual copying from the browser(support for a few specific browsers and platforms only,as adapting to various browsers and platforms can be complicated).


Linux Option dependencies(a implement SecretService service Application):

  • gnome-keyring
  • kwallet
  • KeePassXC
  • libsecret

  • stable
cargo install lcode
  • nightly
cargo install --git=https://github.com/saying121/leetcode-cn-en-cli.git --force


Generate configuration, manual modification of the configuration is also possible, and it will be automatically generated at runtime. Without -c, it will be generated in English.

lcode gencon -c

Synchronize basic data first.

lcode sync

View the documentation for assistance.

lcode -h

Begin selecting a question.

lcode fzy <edit>




filter en


The configuration located

  • Linux: ~/.config/leetcode-cn-en-cli/config.toml
  • macos: ~/.config/leetcode-cn-en-cli/config.toml
  • Windows: |C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Roaming

The code default located

  • Linux: $HOME/.local/share/leetcode-cn-en-cli/
  • macOS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/leetcode-cn-en-cli
  • Windows: C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Local\leetcode-cn-en-cli

default: default

translate = false
column = 4
num_sublist = 10
page_size = 25
editor = ["vim"]
lang = "rust"
code_dir = "/home/user/.local/share/leetcode-cn-en-cli"

url_suffix = "com"

langs = ["rust", "bash", "c", "cpp", "csharp", "golang", "java", "javascript", "kotlin", "mysql", "php", "python", "python3", "ruby", "scala", "swift", "typescript", "racket", "erlang", "elixir", "dart"]

csrf = ""
session = ""


First, login leetcode in browser for generate cookies

browser can fill in chrome, edge, firefox, librewolf.

Now support this browser, and just test in Linux.(firefox should support three systems) If use the section,be careful not to clear cookies when closing the browser.

[cookies] section

  • If the two subfields are not empty,use the content filled by the user. And not use other method to get cookies。

    • Fill in manually:

      Press F12 on the browser's leetcode.com/com page, Find the Cookie field, copy the csrftoken=<content>; and LEETCODE_SESSION=<content>; sections inside it into the configuration.

  • If user filled browser , will try to use the browser to get cookies.

  • If neither of the above two items is filled in, and then use this order firefox -> edge -> chrome -> librewolf try to get cookies.

Here are the explanations for each field

Fill in false or true, default is false. If true is chosen, the translated content will be used to display the question details.

translate = false

When retrieving the submissionlist, how many columns should be displayed.

column = 4

How many recent entries of the submissionlist information should be displayed.

num_sublist = 10

How many questions should be displayed at once when interactively selecting a question.

page_size = 25

Fill in your editor, it will attempt to retrieve it from the environment variables EDITOR and VISUAL, otherwise it will default to vim.

editor = ["vim"]

You can add additional parameters at the end.

editor = ["vim", "--noplugin"]

Set your selected programming language.

lang = "rust"

Set the location for storing code and test cases.

code_dir = "/home/user/.local/share/leetcode-cn-en-cli"

You can also write it like this, starting with ~

code_dir = "~/.local/share/leetcode-cn-en-cli"

Fill in com or cn, for set leetcode.com or leetcode.cn.

url_suffix = "com"

start = "//start/"
end = "//end/"
inject_start = ""
inject_end = "struct Solution;\n\nfn main() {\n    println!(\"{:#?}\", Solution::function());\n}"

will from this generate code template.

can write multi line,"""...""" or '''...'''

inject_end = """struct Solution;
fn main() {
    println!("{:#?}", Solution::function());

Example: 108

// Definition for a binary tree node.
#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq)]
pub struct TreeNode {
    pub val: i32,
    pub left: Option<Rc<RefCell<TreeNode>>>,
    pub right: Option<Rc<RefCell<TreeNode>>>,

impl TreeNode {
    pub fn new(val: i32) -> Self {
        TreeNode {
            left: None,
            right: None,

// ...something
use std::cell::RefCell;
use std::rc::Rc;
impl Solution {
    pub fn sorted_array_to_bst(mut nums: Vec<i32>) -> Option<Rc<RefCell<TreeNode>>> {
        let len = nums.len();
        if len == 0 {
            return None;
        let root = Rc::new(RefCell::new(TreeNode::new(nums[len / 2])));
        let mut right = nums.split_off(len / 2);
        root.borrow_mut().left = Self::sorted_array_to_bst(nums);
        root.borrow_mut().right = Self::sorted_array_to_bst(right);


struct Solution;

fn main() {
        Solution::sorted_array_to_bst(vec![-10, -3, 0, 5, 9])

When submit to leetcode, only content between support_lang.rust.start and support_lang.rust.start will be uploaded.

If don't have this will uploaded all content.

Tui Keymap

key global
Shift-Tab/⬅/➡/Tab prev/next tab
Ctrl-l refresh screen
Ctrl-q exit
key tab0/select
j/k down/up question
gg/G first/last
o open with your editor
Enter go to edit tab
S sync question information
key tab1/edit
j/k scroll question
gg/G question content top/end
ctrl-p toggle submit menu
ctrl-s toggle submit result
ctrl-t toggle test result
S Submit code(just show submit menu)
T Test code(just show submit menu)

Please check the Tui interface for specific keymap information.

fuzzy search tui and cli implement is same,in cli paid only is true ,in tui also can input true/P.O.: tru for filter.

Database error

Since leetcode.cn and leetcode.com obtain different information, database errors may occur after switching between cn and com.

At this time, please re-synchronize the data lcode sync -f (recommand), or press S on a tab in the Tui interface.


~1M SLoC