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Generate gitignores from the command line

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Generate gitignores from the command line 🛠️

  • Free software: Apache Software License 2.0

Project Description

Extremely simple (but very useful) CLI that generates .gitignore files from the command line (sort of 😉). It's a sister project to goignore, replicated here in rust 🦀.


goignore was the first real program I wrote while learning Go, so I thought why not do it in Rust too? Like goignore it's mostly a thin wrapper around the gitignore API. The list of things you can pass are documented on gitignore.io.


There are pre-compiled binaries available in the GitHub releases, or there is a homebrew tap available:

brew install FollowTheProcess/homebrew-tap/ignorers


The binary itself is called ig (for ignorers), so you can run it like so:

ig macos python visualstudiocode


This package was created with copier and the FollowTheProcess/rust_copier project template.


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