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A command line King James bible viewer

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The Rock

The Rock is a command-line application for Linux systems very similar to that of Debian's bible-kjv application, but with extra features, like being able to actually read the bible (bible-kjv is only good for making references to bible passages). This application is under heavy development and is NOT feature complete yet. What you see in the application now can and will change in the near future.


Command line mode. Just like Debian's bible-kjv, this is good for referencing bible passages and verses.

TUI (Terminal UI) mode, this is good for wanting to read the bible. It can show the chapters with the verse numbers, or show each chapter as a paragraph. (press the 'n' key to swap the view between the two)

You can bookmark your favorite passages to look at again later with labeled bookmarks!

Creating a new bookmark

All of Jesus Christ's parables, easily accessible.

How to install

Arch Linux based Linux systems

The Rock is available in the AUR for Arch Linux and any system based on it (like Manjaro Linux, EndeavourOS, and Artix Linux)

Installation example using yay: yay -S the-rock

Other Linux based systems

Make sure you have the latest version of Rust installed

Instructions on how to install it are here

Using cargo (rust's package manager)

Simply run cargo install the_rock and that will install The Rock for you.


After installing Rust run the following commands:

git clone https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/the-rock

cd the-rock

./build.sh <-- This will request root access in order to install the program

To remove: run ./remove.sh or if install was done via cargo: cargo uninstall the_rock

To do:

  • King James bible support
  • Clean up any spaghetti code
  • Support for Termux on Android
  • Add paragraph with verse numbers formatting option
  • Open the program on the last chapter it was closed on
  • Add a status bar
  • Add a vim-like command pane
  • Allow copying of verses to the clipboard for easy sharing
  • Tabbed interface to allow opening of multiple chapters
  • GUI Support
  • Reina-Valera (Spanish version of the Bible) support.


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