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no-std gitignores

GitHub’s collection of gitignores, embedded, automatically updated

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2.3.2 May 11, 2022
2.3.1 Mar 29, 2022
2.3.0 Feb 16, 2022
1.0.1 Oct 14, 2021

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Crate release version Crate license: CC0-1.0 MSRV: 1.37.0 (breaking) CI status


GitHub’s collection of gitignores, embedded, automatically updated.

Quick start

gitignores = "1.0.0"


Each gitignore is available as a variant of one of three enums:


The enums implement Display / .to_string(), which will return the contents of the gitignore (only when the std feature is enabled):

println!("{}", gitignores::Root::Rust);

The enums also implement a GitIgnore trait:

trait GitIgnore {
	/// The contents of the gitignore
	/// Returns an empty string if the `no-contents` feature is enabled.
	fn contents(self) -> &'static str;

	/// The file name of the gitignore
	fn file_name(self) -> &'static str;

	/// The full path of the gitignore relative to repo root
	fn file_path(self) -> &'static str;

	/// The list of all included gitignores
	fn list() -> Vec<&'static str>;

Finally, there is a constant with the git reference of the commit the crate was built from:



By default all gitignores are included, but you can customise this as granularily as you wish. To get started with selecting your custom set, first disable the default features:

default-features = false
features = []


Feature name Path in gitignore repo Path in crate
root /*.gitignore Root::
global /Global/**/*.gitignore Global::
community /community/**/*.gitignore Community::

Individual gitignores

Each gitignore can be enabled with the <collection>-<name> feature. Gitignores in subfolders have the folder name prepended to the name, like <collection>-<folder>-<name>. All are lowercased.


  • no-contents: omit the embedded file contents, leaving only the metadata.
  • std: implement the Display trait on the enums.


All globals and only Rust root

default-features = false
features = ["global", "root-rust"]

Some specific gitignores

default-features = false
features = ["community-racket", "global-emacs", "root-commonlisp"]


This crate respects semver!

It will bump the major version (breaking release) when:

  • Gitignores disappear from a collection
  • Gitignores move from a collection to another
  • Gitignores are renamed
  • The minimum required Rust version increases

It will bump the minor version when:

  • New gitignores are added to a collection

It will bump the patch version when:

  • Gitignore contents change

This repo checks for updates to the gitignore repo once a day, and automatically releases if changes are found.


The published crate (gitignores) is generated from the data, which is CC0-1.0, and so it itself is CC0-1.0 (Public Domain).

The generator code is Apache 2.0 / MIT.

No runtime deps