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iced_wgpu is a wgpu renderer for iced_native. For now, it is the default renderer of Iced in native platforms.

wgpu supports most modern graphics backends: Vulkan, Metal, DX11, and DX12 (OpenGL and WebGL are still WIP). Additionally, it will support the incoming WebGPU API.

Currently, iced_wgpu supports the following primitives:

  • Text, which is rendered using wgpu_glyph. No shaping at all.
  • Quads or rectangles, with rounded borders and a solid background color.
  • Clip areas, useful to implement scrollables or hide overflowing content.
  • Images and SVG, loaded from memory or the file system.
  • Meshes of triangles, useful to draw geometry freely.

The native target


Add iced_wgpu as a dependency in your Cargo.toml:

iced_wgpu = "0.4"

Iced moves fast and the master branch can contain breaking changes! If you want to learn about a specific release, check out the release list.

Current limitations

The current implementation is quite naive, it uses:

  • A different pipeline/shader for each primitive
  • A very simplistic layer model: every Clip primitive will generate new layers
  • Many render passes instead of preparing everything upfront
  • A glyph cache that is trimmed incorrectly when there are multiple layers (a glyph_brush limitation)

Some of these issues are already being worked on! If you want to help, get in touch!


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