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Gust is a simple 2D graphical library inspired by SFML

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0.2.0 Nov 30, 2018

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Gust is a graphical library written in pure Rust from simple openGl binding and freetype-rs library. The purpose of Gust is to help me to understand simple computer graphic system (2D) and to let me handle the complexe language that is Rust.


The philosophy behind Gust is to make a simple, elegant, safe and reliable graphic library in Rust. The key concepts and limitations are:

Wrap OpenGl: Make it more simple to use and more rusty.

use gust::prelude::*;

let window = Window::new(1920, 1080, "Hello World !");
let player_texture = Rc::new(Texture::from_path("assets/player.png"));
let mut player_sprite = Sprite::from(&player_texture);
let event_handler = EventHandler::new(&window);

player_sprite.set_position(Vector::new(1920. / 2., 1080. / 2.));

while window.is_open() {

    for event in event_handler.fetch() {
        match event.1 {
            Events::Key(Key::Escape, _, Action::Press, _) => { window.should_close() },
            _ => { /* Nothing happen */ }

println!("GoodBye !");

This simple code permit to create a window and draw on it until the user press escape key.

No specific concept

There is no animations modules, no advanced event system, no multi-threaded rendering.

(All of this will be implemented inside Rame which is another project based on this one)

The idea is that you can create this with Gust. It's not Gust job to provide you that kind of Api.


It's my project and the idea behind it it's to learn as much as I can. So if something seems cool to implement I will probably do it.


I will preach Rust, so I have to show people the better rust code possible. Is acced to good programming practice and flow. (Nice git usage, documentation, unit test, bench-mark, beautiful and reliable) It is some sort of example for my peoples.

What's inside Gust

Here you can see the UML Diagram.

Uml Gust

And you can generate the doc by writing:

cargo doc --open

and hitting ther Enter Key of your keyboard

I Swear !

How to contribute

You are welcome if you want to put your code into Gust, However you will have to make a proper pull-request get reviewed. You should know that but it's important to understand that I want the best code possible, even if mine is not. I started rust only 6 month ago now. You're allowed to pull-request your own concept if it follow the Philosophy and to correct or optimize my code.


You should not use Gust right now or if you do it let all bug that you encounter into issues and why not think about fix them :D.

Thank you and you can read the Wiki if you are interested or look at my other projects.


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