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Implementation agnostic descriptor allocator for Vulkan like APIs

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Library for Vulkan-like APIs to allocated descriptor sets from descriptor pools fast, with least overhead and zero fragmentation.

Straightforward usage:

use gpu_descriptor::DescriptorAllocator;

let mut allocator = DescriptorAllocator::new(max_update_after_bind_descriptors_in_all_pools); // Limit as dictated by API for selected hardware

let result = allocator.allocate(
    device, // Implementation of `gpu_descriptor::DescriptorDevice`. Comes from plugins.
    layout, // Descriptor set layout recognized by device's type.
    flags,  // Flags specified when layout was created.
    layout_descriptor_count, // Descriptors count in the layout.
    count, // count of sets to allocated.


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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