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A tool (cli & lib) to find local git repositories

6 releases (3 breaking)

0.5.0 Jan 11, 2021
0.4.1 Jul 22, 2018
0.3.2 May 14, 2018
0.2.0 May 12, 2018

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A tool (cli & lib) to find and broadcast commands on local git repositories.


Because I need a tool to list and to reorg my local git repositories.

Usage Cli

$> git find -h
git-find 0.5.0
A tool (cli & lib) to find local git repositories.

    git-find [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [DIR]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Verbose mode (-v, -vv, -vvv, etc.) print on stderr

    -t, --tmpl <format>    format of the output print on stdout [default: {{with .working_paths}}{{if
                           .conflicted}}C{{else}} {{end}}{{if .modified}}M{{else}}{{if .added}}M{{else}}{{if
                           .deleted}}M{{else}}{{if .renamed}}M{{else}} {{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{if
                           .untracked}}U{{else}} {{end}}{{end}} {{ .path.file_name }}   {{ .path.full }}        {{with
                           .remotes.origin}} {{ .name }} {{.url_full}} {{end}}]

    <DIR>    root directory of the search [default: .]
  • sample output with default template (M : Modification uncommitted, U: Untracked)

    $> git-find .       
            sbt-scalabuff   /home/dwayne/src/github.com/sbt/sbt-scalabuff    origin https://github.com/sbt/sbt-scalabuff.git 
    MU     ML      /home/dwayne/src/github.com/samynk/ML    origin https://github.com/samynk/ML.git 
            BlenderSourceTools      /home/dwayne/src/github.com/Artfunkel/BlenderSourceTools         origin git@github.com:Artfunkel/BlenderSourceTools.git 
            three.js        /home/dwayne/src/github.com/mrdoob/three.js      origin git@github.com:mrdoob/three.js.git 
    MU     Yadef   /home/dwayne/src/github.com/zzuegg/Yadef         origin git@github.com:zzuegg/Yadef.git 
    MU     dmonkey /home/dwayne/src/github.com/kwando/dmonkey       origin https://github.com/kwando/dmonkey.git 
    MU     getdown /home/dwayne/src/github.com/threerings/getdown   origin https://github.com/threerings/getdown.git 
            dart-protoc-plugin      /home/dwayne/src/github.com/dart-lang/dart-protoc-plugin         origin git@github.com:dart-lang/dart-protoc-plugin.git 
    M      vdrones /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/vdrones       origin git@github.com:davidB/vdrones.git 
            shader_editor   /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/shader_editor         origin git@github.com:davidB/shader_editor.git 
            scala-maven-plugin      /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/scala-maven-plugin    origin git@github.com:davidB/scala-maven-plugin.git 
            simpleaudio     /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/simpleaudio   origin git@github.com:davidB/simpleaudio.git 
    MU     ld31_p0cm0n     /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/ld31_p0cm0n   origin git@github.com:davidB/ld31_p0cm0n.git 
            livereload-jvm  /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/livereload-jvm        origin git@github.com:davidB/livereload-jvm.git 
            dart-protobuf   /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/dart-protobuf         origin git@github.com:davidB/dart-protobuf.git 
      U     jme3_skel       /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/jme3_skel     origin git@github.com:davidB/jme3_skel.git 
            asset_pack      /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/asset_pack    origin git@github.com:davidB/asset_pack.git 
            git-find        /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/git-find      origin git@github.com:davidB/git-find.git 
            jme3_ext_assettools     /home/dwayne/src/github.com/davidB/jme3_ext_assettools   origin git@github.com:davidB/jme3_ext_assettools.git 
  • broadcast git status to every repositories

    git find -t 'cd {{ .path.full }}; echo "\n\n----\n$PWD"; git status' | sh
  • clean git repository (to free space)

    git find -t 'cd {{ .path.full }} && git clean -d -X -f' | sh

Template format

The template format is a subset of golang text/template.

Possibles values

!! Experimental: values could change with future release !!

  • .path
    • .file_name
    • .full
  • .remotes
    • .<name_of_remote> : eg 'origin'
      • .name
      • .url_full
      • .url_host
      • .url_path
  • .working_paths
    • .conflicted : list of path
    • .modified : list of path
    • .added : list of path
    • .deleted : list of path
    • .renamed : list of path
    • .untracked : list of path

For scripting

  1. Use explicit template within your script (the default template could change with each release)
  2. If the template is a shell script (the tips could be used with every interpreter: python, ruby, ...), then you can
# run it directly
git find -t '...' | sh

# generate a script and run it later (maybe after review)
git find -t '...' > myscript.sh
sh myscript.sh


  • to list local repository

    {{ .path.file_name }}\t{{ .path.full }}
  • to list local repository with origin url

    {{ .path.file_name }}\t{{ .path.full }}\t{{with .remotes.origin}} {{ .name }} {{.url_full}} {{.url_host}} {{.url_path}} {{end}}
  • to create a sh script to "git fetch" on every repository

    cd {{ .path.full }}; echo "\n\n---------------------------------------------\n$PWD"; git fetch
  • to create a sh script to move git repository under $HOME/src (same layout as go workspace)

    echo "\n\n---------------------------------------------\n"
    PRJ_SRC="{{ .path.full }}"
    {{if .remotes.origin}}
    PRJ_DST="$HOME/src/{{ .remotes.origin.url_host }}/{{ .remotes.origin.url_path}}"
    PRJ_DST=$HOME/src/_local_/{{ .path.file_name}}
    if [ ! -d "$PRJ_DST" ] ; then
      read -p "move $PRJ_SRC to $PRJ_DST ?" answer
      case $answer in
        [yY]* )
            mkdir -p $(dirname "$PRJ_DST")
            mv "$PRJ_SRC" "$PRJ_DST"
        * ) ;;
  • to list repo with some info (the default template of version 0.4.1)

    {{with .working_paths}}{{if .conflicted}}C{{else}} {{end}}{{if .modified}}M{{else}}{{if .added}}M{{else}}{{if .deleted}}M{{else}}{{if .renamed}}M{{else}} {{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{end}}{{if .untracked}}U{{else}} {{end}}{{end}}\t{{ .path.file_name }}\t{{ .path.full }}\t{{with .remotes.origin}} {{ .name }} {{.url_full}} {{end}}


From cargo

With Rust's package manager cargo, you can install via:

cargo install git-find

Note that rust version 1.26.0 or later is required.

From binaries

!! Experimental !!

The release page includes precompiled binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows.

  • download archives for your OS
  • unarchive it, and move the executable into the PATH
tar -xzvf git-find_0.3.2-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
chmod a+x git-find
mv git-find $HOME/bin
rm git-find_0.2.2-linux.tar.gz

From source

git clone https://github.com/davidB/git-find

# Build
cd git-find
cargo build

# Run unit tests and integration tests
cargo test

# Install
cargo install

Some tools to help management of multi repository But not the same features, else no need to re-do.


Actions (broadcast)


  • find a rust template engine that support calling method (getter) on current field (or contribute to gtmpl as it's a feature of go template)
  • internally use stream / queue instead of Vector
  • build linux binary with musl (see rust-musl-builder)
  • optimize


~426K SLoC