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A tool for selectively mirroring Git repositories

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A tool for selectively mirroring Git repositories.

git-collage was created to fill my desire to backup my own Git repos and mirror the parts of 3rd party repos I care about. To this end the key features this tool has are:

  • Ability to discover repositories (currently only from GitHub, but more can be added easily)
  • Ability to filter refs that are mirrored, preventing "useless" refs being created locally (e.g. feature branches, GitHub PR merge commits)
  • Is a single binary that can be scheduled via cron or systemd (personally I did not want to run a service for what is essentially a time scheduled backup job)


See git-collage --help for syntax and examples for a sample configuration file.

Things to note:

  • Console output below INFO level may contain sensitive information (e.g. Github tokens).
  • GitHub tokens must be generated with the repo scope.


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