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Command line utility to open a git repository's web page from terminal, as well as pull requests in the browser after the first push

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A command line utility to open git repository page in the browser from the repository location in terminal.
Currently tested only on mac (prior to M1 chip).


Note: You have to have rust installed with cargo to be able to install this utility.

From Github (this repository)

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run make install from the repo's directory

From crates.io with Cargo

  1. Run cargo install gitopen
    (From The Book: "All binaries installed with cargo install are stored in the installation root’s bin folder. If you installed Rust using rustup.rs and don’t have any custom configurations, this directory will be $HOME/.cargo/bin. Ensure that directory is in your $PATH to be able to run programs you’ve installed with cargo install.")


Basic usages:

  • When in git repository in terminal, run gitopen.
  • After you've opened a branch and you are ready to push and open a PR, run gitopen -p. This will push the changes to the current branch and open the PR in the browser. This can be done at any stage during the work on the PR, not just when you're making the first push.
  • You can open a specific commit. Use gitopen -c COMMIT where COMMIT is the commit SHA.
  • You can open a specific line number of a file. Use gitopen -l <PATH TO FILE>:<LINE NUMBER>(note that you have to use the : separator between the file path and the line number). Example:
> gitopen -l /src/main.rs:10
  • If you've added a remote (other than origin which is the default) e.g. for a forked repository so the remote is the original repository URL, you can use gitopen to open that remote by specifying its name, for example:
> gitopen -r upstream

Note that gitopen -r origin is the same as gitopen.

For help, use gitopen --help


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