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A stupidly fast paralell fractal renderer with support for Mandelbrot, any Julia set and Barnsley Ferns. Easily handles magnification over 1 milion.

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0.1.0 Jan 25, 2022

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Fractal renderer

This was a fun but brief project I worked on.

Most of the functionallity is implemented. If you have any ideas regarding colouring and general performance, please reach out. I'd also ultimately like to render this on the GPU.

Rendering the Mandelbrot set at 1,000,000x zoom. mandelbrot at 1000000x zoom It took my shitty laptop ~1 second to render the 3000x3000 image above. And that's on the CPU!


Look at the examples MD doc.


This project is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 or MIT. All contributions are assumed to also be.


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