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A forc plugin for basic Fuel Indexer interaction.


forc index new

Create new indexer project at the provided path.

forc index new --namespace my_org_name

forc index start

Start a local Fuel Indexer service.

forc index start

forc index deploy

Deploy a given indexer project to a particular endpoint

forc index deploy --url https://beta-5-indexer.fuel.network

forc index remove

Kill a running indexer

forc index remove --url https://beta-5-indexer.fuel.network

forc index check

Check to see which indexer components you have installed.

forc index check

forc index build

Build the indexer in the current directory.

forc index build --verbose

forc index auth

Authenticate against an indexer service.

forc index auth --verbose

forc index postgres create

Create a new database.

forc index postgres create postgres --persistent

forc index postgres start

Start a previously created database.

forc index postgres start postgres

forc index postgres stop

Stop a running database.

forc index postgres stop postgres

forc index postgres drop

Drop a stopped database.

forc index postgres drop postgres


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