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Scan your Rust crate for semver violations

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Lint your crate API changes for semver violations.

Quick Start

$ cargo install cargo-semver-checks

# Check whether it's safe to release the new version:
$ cargo semver-checks check-release --current <new-rustdoc-json> --baseline <previous-rustdoc-json>

# To generate rustdoc JSON data for your crate, use:
$ cargo +nightly rustdoc --all-features -- --document-private-items -Zunstable-options --output-format json

Or use as a GitHub Action (used in .github/workflows/ci.yml in this repo):

- name: Check semver
  uses: obi1kenobi/cargo-semver-checks-action@v1


Each failing check references specific items in the Cargo SemVer reference or other reference pages, as appropriate. It also includes the item name and file location that are the cause of the problem, as well as a link to the implementation of that query in the current version of the tool.


  • If using it on a massive codebase (multiple hundreds of thousands of lines of Rust), the queries may be a bit slow: there is some O(n^2) scaling for n items in a few places that I haven't had time to optimize down to O(n) yet. Apologies! I have temporarily prioritized features over speed, and the runtime will improve significantly with a small amount of extra work.
  • No false positives: Currently, all queries report constructive proof of semver violations: there are no false positives. They always list a file name and line number for the baseline item that could not be found in the new code.
  • There are false negatives: This tool is a work-in-progress, and cannot check all kinds of semver violations yet. Just because it doesn't find any semver issues doesn't mean they don't exist.


Why cargo-semver-checks instead of ...?

rust semverver builds on top of rustc internals to build rlib's and compare their metadata. This strips the code down to the basics for identifying changes. However, is tightly coupled to specific nightly compiler versions and takes work to stay in sync.

cargo breaking effectively runs cargo expand and re-parses the code using syn which requires re-implementing large swaths of rust's semantics to then lint the API for changes. This is limited to the feature and target the crate was compiled for.

cargo-semver-checks sources its data from rustdoc's json output. While the json output format is unstable, the rate of change is fairly low, reducing the churn in keeping up. The lints are also written as queries for trustfall "query everything" engine, reducing the work for creating and maintaining them. Because of the extra data that rustdoc includes, some level of feature/target awareness might be able to be introduced.

There is interest in hosting rustdoc JSON on docs.rs meaning that semver-checking could one day download the baseline rustdoc JSON file instead of generating it. Also, generally speaking, inspecting JSON data is likely going to be faster than full compilation.

cargo-public-api uses rustdoc, like cargo-semver-checks, but focuses more on API diffing (showing which items has changed) and not API linting (explaining why they have changed and providing control over what counts).

Why is it sometimes cargo-semver-check and cargo-semver-checks?

This crate was intended to be published under the name cargo-semver-check, and may indeed one day be published under that name. Due to an unfortunate mishap, it remains cargo-semver-checks for the time being.

The cargo_semver_check name is reserved on crates.io but all its versions are intentionally yanked. Please use the cargo-semver-checks crate instead.


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