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Collect system and environment information for bug reports

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bugreport is a Rust library that helps application developers to automatically collect information about the system and the environment that users can send along with a bug report (similar to git bugreport or ffmpeg … -report).

Note: This library is in an early stage and the API may change in the future.


The following code

use bugreport::{bugreport, collector::*, format::Markdown};

fn main() {
        .info(EnvironmentVariables::list(&["SHELL", "EDITOR"]))
        .info(CommandOutput::new("Python version", "python", &["-V"]))

generates bug report information that looks like this.


  • Crate information (name and version)
  • Operating system (type, name, version)
  • Command line (including all arguments)
  • Environment variables (e.g. SHELL, PATH, …)
  • File contents (e.g. config files)
  • Command output (e.g. bash --version)
  • Compile time information (profile, target, architecture, cpu features, etc.)
  • Current working directory
  • Date and time
  • User defined collectors


  • Markdown export
  • Auto-detect --diagnostic command-line option or environment variable (like --diagnostic)
  • Open report output in editor (instead of printing to stdout, see git bugreport)
  • Ask user for permission to gather information?
  • Automatic anonymization of information? (e.g.: remove /home/username from paths)
  • JSON export (?)

Use cases / prior art


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