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Provides access to local and remote cargo registry indices

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0.8.0 Nov 6, 2023
0.7.1 Sep 29, 2023
0.2.4 Jul 28, 2023

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📇 tame-index

Small crate for interacting with cargo registry indices

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Differences from crates-index

  1. The API exposes enough pieces where an alternative git implementation can be used if gix is not to your liking.
  2. Sparse index support via reqwest is optional, gated behind the sparse feature flag.
  3. Local cache files are always supported regardless of features enabled
  4. ComboIndexCache (local cache files only) and ComboIndex (cache + remote capabilities) are provided to wrap git indices, sparse indices, or local registries depending on the the index URL.
  5. Functionality for writing cache entries to the local index cache is exposed in the public API
  6. Local Registry support is available behind the local feature flag
  7. Building of local registries is available behind the local-builder feature flag


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