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app cargo-features-manager

A tui tool to enable/disable & prune dependency features

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Cargo Features Manger

A TUI-like cli tool to manage the features of your rust-projects dependencies.

You can view all available features and easily toggle (enable & disable) them with one button click. All of your changes will directly be reflected in your Cargo.toml file.


cargo install cargo-features-manager



To start the tool run cargo features in your project root dir.

This will open the dependency-selector:


Now you can select the dependency for which you want to change the enabled features.

Selecting a dependency will open the feature-selector:


When using cargo features -d <dependency name> it will directly open the corresponding feature-selector.


to move up

to move down

Space | Enter | to select

ESC | to move back

dependency selector

Dependency which do not have any features are marked grey.
Dev-Dependency are marked with 🧪.
Build-Dependency are marked with 🛠️.
Workspace-Dependency are marked with 🗃️️.


feature selector

All default features are marked Green.


When hovering above a feature it shows other features which the selected feature requires.


Features marked with 📦 mean that they require an optional dependency.


Features which an active feature requires are marked grey.


Features marked with 🗃️️ are enabled by the workspace dependency and can only be disabled by the workspace dependency


search mode

At any point you can start typing like normal. This will start using your input as a search query.


You can run prune with cargo features prune

this will disable all features which are not required to compile.

always keep

If your project requires a features to be enabled which does not make the compile fail. you can create a file called Features.toml in there you can define features which will not get disabled.

clap = ["help"]


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