Cargo Features

actix-web = { version = "4.4.0", default-features = false, features = ["compress-brotli", "compress-gzip", "compress-zstd", "macros", "cookies", "secure-cookies", "http2", "openssl", "rustls", "rustls-0_20", "rustls-0_21", "experimental-io-uring", "actix-tls"] }
default = compress-brotli, compress-gzip, compress-zstd, cookies, http2, macros

These default features are set whenever actix-web is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

compress-brotli default

Brotli algorithm content-encoding support

Enables compress-brotli of actix-http

compress-gzip default

Gzip and deflate algorithms content-encoding support

Enables compress-gzip of actix-http

compress-zstd default

Zstd algorithm content-encoding support

Enables compress-zstd of actix-http

macros default = actix-macros, actix-web-codegen

Routing and runtime proc macros

cookies default secure-cookies? = cookie

Cookies support

Affects response::CookieIter

secure-cookies = cookies

Secure & signed cookies

Enables secure of cookie ^0.16

http2 default openssl? rustls-0_20? rustls-0_21?

Enables http2 of actix-http

openssl = http2

TLS via OpenSSL

Enables openssl of actix-http, accept and openssl of actix-tls

rustls = rustls-0_20

TLS via Rustls v0.20

rustls-0_20 rustls? = http2

TLS via Rustls v0.20

Enables rustls-0_20 of actix-http, accept and rustls-0_20 of actix-tls

rustls-0_21 = http2

TLS via Rustls v0.21

Enables rustls-0_21 of actix-http, accept and rustls-0_21 of actix-tls


io-uring feature only available for Linux OSes.

Enables io-uring of actix-server

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

actix-macros macros
actix-tls implicit feature
actix-web-codegen macros

Enables percent-encode of cookie ^0.16