Cargo Features

actix_http has no features set by default.

actix-http = { version = "3.6.0", features = ["http2", "ws", "openssl", "rustls", "rustls-0_20", "rustls-0_21", "rustls-0_22", "compress-brotli", "compress-gzip", "compress-zstd"] }
http2 = h2

HTTP/2 protocol support

Affects actix-http::h2

ws = base64, local-channel, rand, sha1

WebSocket protocol implementation

Affects actix-http::ws


TLS via OpenSSL

Enables accept and openssl of actix-tls


rustls = rustls-0_20

TLS via Rustls v0.20

rustls-0_20 rustls?

TLS via Rustls v0.20

Enables accept and rustls-0_20 of actix-tls


TLS via Rustls v0.21

Enables accept and rustls-0_21 of actix-tls


TLS via Rustls v0.22

Enables accept and rustls-0_22 of actix-tls

compress-brotli = __compress, brotli

Compression codecs

compress-gzip = __compress, flate2
compress-zstd = __compress, zstd
__compress compress-brotli? compress-gzip? compress-zstd?

Internal (PRIVATE!) features used to aid testing and checking feature status.
Don't rely on these whatsoever. They are semver-exempt and may disappear at anytime.

Affects actix-http::encoding

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

h2 http2?

Enables h2 ^0.3.24


local-channel ws?

Enables local-channel


base64 ws?
rand ws?
sha1 ws?
actix-tls openssl? rustls-0_20? rustls-0_21? rustls-0_22?
brotli compress-brotli?

Enables brotli


flate2 compress-gzip?
zstd compress-zstd?