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no-std esp8266-wifi-serial

A driver to work with the esp8266 module over the serial port

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0.1.3 Aug 2, 2021
0.1.2 Aug 2, 2021
0.1.1 Jul 28, 2021
0.1.0 Jul 28, 2021

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(WIP) Driver to work with the esp8266 module over the serial port.

By using this module you can join the existing access point or creating your own. After a network creation, the module can both listen to incoming TCP connections or connect to other sockets.

let mut module = Module::new(rx, tx, clock).expect("unable to create module");
// Create a new access point.
let mut session = SoftApConfig {
    ssid: "test_network",
    password: "12345678",
    channel: 4,
    mode: WifiMode::Open,
.expect("unable to start network sesstion");
// Start listening for incoming connections on the specified port.
// Start an event loop.
loop {
    let event = nb::block!(session.poll_network_event()).expect("unable to poll network event");
    // Some business logic.

Warning: this library is not finished yet and it is not worth using it in mission-critical software, it can burn your hamster.

The crate was been tested with the gd32vf103 board.

I will be happy to see new contributions to the development of this crate.


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