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no_std ESP-AT network layer

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Network layer implementation/client for ESP-AT implementing embedded-nal based on ATAT.

Currently, this crates offers the following features


Here's a simple example using a mocked AtClient:

use std::str::FromStr;
use embedded_nal::{SocketAddr, TcpClientStack};
use esp_at_nal::example::ExampleTimer;
use esp_at_nal::wifi::{Adapter, WifiAdapter};
use crate::esp_at_nal::example::ExampleAtClient as AtClient;

let client = AtClient::default();
// Creating adapter with 1024 bytes TX and 256 RX block size
let mut adapter: Adapter<_, _, 1_000_000, 1024, 256> = Adapter::new(client, ExampleTimer::default());

// Joining WIFI access point
let state = adapter.join("test_wifi", "secret").unwrap();

// Creating a TCP connection
let mut  socket = adapter.socket().unwrap();
adapter.connect(&mut socket, SocketAddr::from_str("").unwrap()).unwrap();

// Sending some data
adapter.send(&mut socket, b"hallo!").unwrap();

To see a real-world example that runs on Linux, check out examples/linux.rs:

# For logging
export RUST_LOG=trace

cargo run --example linux --features "atat/log" -- \
    /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 mywifi hellopasswd123


Any form of support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to create issues and PRs. See DEVELOPMENT for more details.


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