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no-std embedded-profiling

Profiling for no-std embedded targets

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A lightweight framework for profiling functions, geared towards no-std embedded environments.



Initialization is very similar to how the log crate is initialized. By default, there is a no-op profiler that does nothing until you call set_profiler. Once your profiler has been installed, your profiling functionality will be in use.

You can manually start & end your snapshot:

let start = embedded_profiling::start_snapshot();
// (...) some expensive computation
let snapshot = embedded_profiling::end_snapshot(start, "name-of-computation");
// Optionally, log it

Or profile some code in a closure:

embedded_profiling::profile("profile println", || {
    println!("profiling this closure");

With a Procedural Macro

With the proc-macros feature enabled, you can simply annotate the target function with the procedural macro profile_function. Note that you must first set your profiler with theset_profiler function.

fn my_long_running_function() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

Example Project & DWT Timer Implementation

A working example program on a feather_m4 development board is provided in the embedded-profiling github repo. The embedded-profiling library also provides a basic timer implementation using the DWT/systick functionality found in most Cortex-M microcontrollers. The implementation is heavily inspired (read: copied and lightly modified) from the RTIC dwt-systick-monotonic crate.


This code is licensed under either of:

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