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This crate is modified from the original to fit the needs of the project. See the list of changes below.


  • Began implementing a command mode
  • Switched to KeyEvents in the keybinds to allow for more complex keybinds
  • Made all enums Serializable and Deserializable
  • Added line numbers
  • Improved the ciw command to work with more delimiters



EdTUI is a text editor widget for the Ratatui ecosystem. It is designed to provide a light-weight user experience inspired by Vim.


  • Vim-like keybindings and editing modes for efficient text manipulation.
  • Normal, Insert and Visual mode.
  • Clipboard: Uses the arboard clibpboard by default which allows copy pasting between the system clipboard and the editor.


EdTUI offers a set of keybindings similar to Vim. Here are some of the most common keybindings:

Normal/Visual Mode:
Keybinding Description
i Enter Insert mode
v Enter Visual mode
h, j, k, l Navigate left, down, up, and right
w, b Move forward or backward by word
x Delete the character under the cursor
Del Delete the character left of the cursor
u, r Undo/Redo last action
Esc Escape Insert mode or Visual mode
0 Move cursor to start of line
^ Move cursor to first non-blank character
$ Move cursor to end of line
a Append after the cursor
A Append at the end of the line
o Add a new line below and enter Insert mode
O Add a new line above and enter Insert mode
Backspace Delete the previous character
d Delete the selection
dd Delete the current line
ciw Select between delimiters. Supported: ["]
u Undo the last change
r Redo the last undone action
y Copy the selected text
p Paste the copied text
Insert Mode:
Keybinding Description
Esc Return to Normal mode

For more keybindings and customization options, refer to the code.



  • Clipboard

  • Search

  • Vims f/t go to first

  • Support termwiz and termion

  • Display line numbers

  • Remap keybindings

  • Soft-wrap lines

License: MIT


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