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A jagged array data structure for the edtui editor

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edtui_jagged is a Rust library providing a generic container for working with an object, where each element is organized into lines (rows).

The central component of this library is the Jagged struct, which wraps a vector of vectors. The outer vector represents rows, and the inner vectors represent the elements within each row.

Generic Parameters

  • T: The data type of elements stored within the jagged array.


use edtui_jagged::Jagged;

let data = vec![
    vec![1, 2, 3],
    vec![4, 5, 6],
    vec![7, 8, 9],

let lines = Jagged::new(data);

The Jagged struct is equipped with various methods for working with the underlying data, including iterators for efficient traversal and searching.


  • Generic container for working with jagged arrays.
  • Convenient creation and manipulation of rows and elements.
  • Iteration and searching utilities for enhanced data processing.

For more details, refer to the documentation of individual types and methods.

License: MIT

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