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Cargo metadata viewer using egui.

Every time you add a dependency, Cargo dumps a huge amount of data into your home directory. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to utilize this data to get a better overview of your dependencies? This is what Ecargo sets out to accomplish.


Filterable package list


Lists all the packages related to your crate. The filter searches the package name, description, and keywords.


All the relevant links, without needing to hop between websites to get the links you want.

Dependency info


Get a good idea for how a package fits into your dependency chain, including:

  • List of dependencies for each package
  • What features are enabled?
  • Which packages depend on this package?

Glorious crates.io theme

What more do you need?

Don't worry, you can also use the vanilla dark and light egui themes.


cargo install ecargo

There are no pre-built artifacts at the moment, but that may change.


Ecargo requires a path to a cargo project to work with, so you need to run ecargo in one of the following two ways:

  1. In the working directory of a cargo project, just run ecargo
  2. You can give ecargo a path to a cargo project: ecargo /path/to/my/project


All the heavy lifting is done by the cargo-metadata and eframe crates (and their dependencies, of course).


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