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Lightweight 2D rendering toolbox for WGPU

What does it do?

e2 makes your life easier when doing 2D game rendering with WGPU. It provides utilities such as simplified resource creation and loading, text rendering, batched rendering, sprite rendering, and more.

What if I only want to use X feature, and nothing else?

e2's API is designed to support that. Almost every type in e2 can be constructed from existing WGPU handles. Everything has an escape hatch.

Does it handle physics, audio, etc?

No, and we don't plan supporting these things. e2 is exclusively for rendering.

Can it do 3D?

Not with the built-in renderers, but there's nothing stopping you from creating your own 3D renderer using e2.

To give you a better picture of what exactly e2 does, look at the examples. But in short:

let cx = e2::Context::new(&window, wgpu::Backends::PRIMARY);
cx.configure_surface(width, height, wgpu::PresentMode::Mailbox);

let mesh_pipe = e2::MeshRenderPipeline::new();
let mut renderer = e2::SpriteRenderer::new(&cx, &mesh_pipe);

let sampler = e2::SimleSampler::linear_clamp().create(&cx);
let tile = e2::ImageTexture::from_path("tile.png", true)?.create(&cx);

loop {
	let swapchain = cx.next_frame().unwrap();
	let view = swapchain.texture.create_view(&Default::default());

	let mut frame = e2::Frame::new(&cx);

		let mut pass = e2::SimpleRenderPass {
			target: &view,
			resolve: None,
			clear: Some(e2::Color::BLACK),
			depth_stencil: None,
		.begin(&mut frame);

		mesh_pipe.bind(&mut pass, &mut renderer);
		renderer.set_matrix(glam::Mat4::orthographic_rh(0., width as _, height as _, 0., 0., 1.));
		renderer.bind_sampler(&cx, &mut pass, &sampler);
		renderer.draw(&cx, &mut pass, &tile, e2::Rect::new(10., 10., 50., 50.), 0.);



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