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Build your own music visualizations

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Prototype Phase Complete!  Real-time-ish Spectrogram

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Produce engaging visual output from arbitrary input, especially sound, in a context designed to composably remix content with minimal prep work.

E-Nguyen is written in Rust and uses the Vulkan graphics API. The current license is LGPL3+ and content is recommended to submitted as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0+ (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

The project has two goals:

  1. Seemlessly compose creative works and processing algorithms & heuristics to maximize the richness added by each contribution.
  2. Provide a context for studying and overcoming computing challenges that is highly relaxed and free-form without sacrificing any headroom to skate the bleeding edge.


E-Nguyen can be built on Rust's stable toolchain. Install Rust

You may need to install a Vulkan ICD (Installable Client Driver) for your OS & graphics card combination. Consult your OS's Vulkan installation documentation.

Clone this repository and run it (building will be performed if necessary).

git clone https://github.com/e-nguyen/e-nguyen.git
cd e-nguyen
cargo run --release --fullscreen


For graphics issues, first try building and running examples from the Vulkano project. The teapot and other examples should run.


Please review the Contributing document and remember to double-emoji your PR's to leave a verifiable record and enable the LGPL and other protections.


Fresh off the press. Architecture for visualizaiton composition and other documentation inbound. Get involved!

Currently only the PulseAudio sound server (Linux) can be monitored.


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