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Datadog Alfred Workflow to search dashboards, screenboards and monitors

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Datadog Workflow

Datadog Alfred Workflow to cache and search dashboards, screenboards and monitors


sqlite - cache and config values are stored in an sqlite database Datadog Application & API Key - for Datadog API access Datadog API URL - they differ for US vs EU eg. https://api.datadoghq.com/api Datadog Company Subdomain - for building the URL's eg. https://.datadoghq.com/monitors/


  1. Download datadog-workflow.alfredworkflow from the repo's releases section
  2. Install in Alfred (double-click)


  1. Have your Datadog Application key ready, if you don't have one you can find/generate here https://{company}.datadoghq.com/account/settings#api
  2. In Alfred set the API_KEY and APPLICATION_KEY environment variables for the workflow. Alfred Settings
  3. In Alfred set the SUBDOMAIN.
  4. In Alfred set the Datadog API_URL, by default it's set to the US value.
  5. In Alfred type dd , navigate to refresh, hit ENTER to cache/index your Datadog timeboards, screenboards and monitors; this may take some time depending on the number your organization has, there will be a notification popup once complete.


  • dd d [query]... which queries for timeboards and screenboards together
  • dd t [query]... which queries for timeboards
  • dd s [query]... which queries for screenboards
  • dd m [OPTIONS] [query]... which queries for monitors
    • --tag <tag> this options allows you to filter monitors by a singe tag attached to them.


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