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Date Formats Workflow to quickly handle common data formats and conversions

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Date Formats Workflow

Date Formats Alfred Workflow for quick DateTime formatting and locale adjustment.




  1. Download date-formats-workflow.alfredworkflow from the repo's releases section
  2. Install in Alfred (double-click)


By default all date & times are displayed in UTC, however, this is overridable by specifying the timezone with the ending argument -t,--tz [timezone]; examples shown below.

  • df now displays various date formats for the current date & time.
  • df [date & time string] the date & time string provided is parsed and date formats for this time displayed. Supported formats include:
    • ISO8601
    • RFC3339
    • RFC2822
    • yyyy-mm-dd
    • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
    • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss tz
    • Fri Nov 28 12:00:09 2014
    • UNIX Timestamp - seconds, millisecond and nanoseconds
  • Adding -t [timezone] or --tz [timezone] to the command will convert the dates to the provided timezone, eg. df now --tz PST will display the current time in PST('America/Vancouver' in this case).


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