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⚙️ gitignore file generator written in rust

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✨ Features

  • Pulls .gitignore templates from gitignore.io.
  • Clean and simple CLI
  • Suggestion system to help correct potential typos
  • Allows for the combination of any number of different templates all into one gitignore
  • Allows for appending to pre-existing gitignore templates so that custom directories are not overridden.

📦 Installation

NOTE: Rust must be installed on your system for this to work. (Install Rust)

📥 Download from crates.io

cargo install blindfold

🏗️ Build from source

git clone https://github.com/Eoin-McMahon/blindfold.git
cd blindfold
cargo install --path ./

This will install the binary and add it to your path. Once installed you can use the tool as shown in the examples below.

🔨 Demo:


🔧 Examples of use:

# generates a single gitignore file for both dart and flutter in ./src/.gitignore
blindfold --lang dart flutter
# use the append flag to add to the pre-existing gitignore file (can be shortened to -a)
blindfold --append macos
# you can specify a specific destination to store the gitignore file using the dest argument
blindfold --lang rust --dest ./src/
# arguments can also be written in shorthand
blindfold -l rust -d ./src/
# shows full list of available templates
blindfold list
# There is a help screen that can be shown which details the subcommands and arguments to supply to the program
blindfold -h


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