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Native bindings to the dart native extensions sdk.

This crate exposes an api for dart_api.h, which exposes the basic dart native extensions api. This crate used bindgen to generate the bindings to the header.

Requirements when building bindings again (off by default)
  • Provide a path to the dart sdk using a dart_sdk environment variable.
    • If this variable is not available, will look for either a chocolatey install path, or an entry in the PATH variable which contains dart-sdk in it. This will fall back to the flutter sdk should it not find a dart sdk, but this is not recommended, as it is more difficult to compile using the flutter sdk and it appears it ships a non-standard dart sdk.

Include the following in your Cargo.toml:

crate-type = ["cdylib"]
dart-sys = "0.1.0"

And follow the guide on the native extensions api page.


Please visit the examples directory for more information. If there should appear more idiomatic bindings, I will try to keep this updated to link to them.


A few things are not mentioned on the native extensions api page:

  • You should compile using an x64 compiler (eg., [stable|nightly|beta]-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc)
  • You should place the compiled library in the same directory as the root of your dart package (I.E. outside of your lib directory)
  • You should make sure these three coincide:
    • The shared object/dynamic link library name.
    • The NAME in NAME_Init function when writing a sync extension.
    • The name of the import in import 'dart-ext:NAME'.
  • When compiling for Linux, name your shared object libNAME.so.

This crate does not generate bindings, and instead uses prebuilt ones. The code to build the bindings can be found commented in build.rs.

To run, uncomment and from there, copy the contents of the bindings.rs file under the directory which is reported in the panic into lib.rs.

The bindings were last generated on the 26th of February 2020.

I have manually edited the names under the generated bindings to avoid ugly bindgen names such as _Dart_CObject__bindgen_ty_1__bindgen_ty_3, and instead replaces them with a more appropriate name based on their usage in the api. (Such as Dart_NativeString).

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