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A collection of tools, data structures and methods for exporting Blender data (such as meshes and armatures) and preparing it for your rendering pipeline.

The Landon Book

Initial Background / Motivation

Before this module I would export blender mesh / armature data to COLLADA using blender's collada exporter, and then parse that COLLADA into JSON.

This worked mostly well - but here and there I'd run into a model that didn't export quite right and I'd have to dig around to figure out why.

After a year or two of this occasionally happening.. I finally decided to invest some time in writing something myself, knowing that I'd still run into issues here and there, but they'd be issues that I'd know how to address.

The goal of landon is to be a minimal suite of heavily tested, well documented tooling for getting data out of Blender and a set of functions for pre-processing that data so that you can make use of it in your rendering pipeline.

From the beginning landon will be targeted towards my needs for my game Akigi, but please feel very free to open issues / PRs with questions / thoughts / functionality that you think might fit into landon.

The goal is that getting data out of Blender and into your rendering pipeline becomes easy as pie.

Getting Started

The Landon Book is a work in progress guide with examples on how to use the libraries in landon.

Take a look at the mesh-visualizer directory to see a full working example of implementing skeletal animation with models that were exported using landon.

Quick Start

Here's an example where we'll download a Blender file, export the meshes to JSON and then extract each bounding box from the JSON using the jq CLI.

# Install landon
cargo install -f landon
landon install --mesh-to-json --armature-to-json

# Download a Blender file to try landon with
curl -L $BLEND_FILE > /tmp/multiple-meshes.blend

# Export meshes and armatures to stdout and redirect stdout to a file
landon export -f /tmp/multiple-meshes.blend > exported.json

# List all of the mesh names and bounding boxes
cat exported.json | jq -r '.meshes | to_entries[] | .value | to_entries[] | "\(.key), \(.value | .bounding_box)"'

# Second_Mesh, {"min_corner":[-1.3121787,0.44901967,0.67399526],"max_corner":[0.7619256,2.523124,2.7480996]}
# AMesh, {"min_corner":[-3.2487504,-3.3098261,1.2566323],"max_corner":[-1.2487504,-1.3098261,3.2566323]}
# Mesh3, {"min_corner":[-1.2058887,-2.4149196,-1.8447866],"max_corner":[0.86821556,-0.3408153,0.22931767]}

To Install

Install Blender

The minimum supported Blender version is 2.80.

The blender command line executable should be available in your shell path.


# Add Blender to your path
export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS"

To verify that Blender is in your path, run blender --version in your shell.

Install Landon

cargo install -f landon

landon install --mesh-to-json --armature-to-json
# FIXME: landon install --ik-to-fk
npm install -g ik2fk && ik2fk --install

# More info
landon install --help


Landon provides a Rust API for exporting data programatically.


In the future we will also provide C and Wasm APIs as light wrappers around the Rust API in order to enable interop with other languages.

CLI Usage

# Help on all of the subcommands
landon --help

Running the mesh visualizer locally

TODO: Rewrite this example and remove watchexec as a dependency.

# Install a static server that sets the application/wasm mime type
npm install -g http-server
# Watcher
cargo install watchexec

git clone https://github.com/chinedufn/landon

watchexec -r -w mesh-visualizer --ignore mesh-visualizer/out ./mesh-visualizer/build.sh

http-server ./mesh-visualizer/out --open

Your web browser should open up with an application that allows you to visualize all of the model's in our test suite.

Mesh visualizer demo site


Please open issues explaining your intended use case and let's see if we should or shouldn't make landon support it.

Also feel free to open issues with any questions / thoughts that you have!

To test

cargo test --all


  • BlenderMesh's triangulate function can deal with ngons. Right now only handles 3 or 4 faces

See Also




Data structures and methods for dealing with armatures.

@see https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/armature/introduction.html - Armature Introduction


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